Stray Kitten Lost Her Meow Until She Found Her Rescuer

Stray Kitten Lost Her Meow Until She Found Her Rescuer


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A tiny tortoiseshell kitten was found wandering into an alley in downtown Los Angeles. She tried to meow to her rescuer, but had lost her voice.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

A week ago, Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life RescueNetwork, received a kitten who was found on skid row. "My coworker came up to me during work, informing me that someone had found her and if I could take her into my rescue. I said, 'yes, of course!'," Jacqueline told Love Meow.

The kitten was about six weeks old. While she was active and curious, she never made a sound. "I tucked her against my shirt since it was windy outside, and walked to my car with her."

After she got the kitten in the car, the tiny bundle of fur just wanted to climb on her shoulder and snuggle. "She tried to meow, but it was totally silent."

Friends for Life Rescue Network

While they were looking for a foster home for the tortie (whom they named Lorelei), Jacqueline began socializing her and fattening her up. The kitten was a bit skinny but overall healthy.

Despite trying hard to talk, nothing came out of her mouth. "The first two days, she had zero meow," Jacqueline said.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

On day three, when Jacqueline went to feed the kitten, she was surprised by the most endearing sound. Little Lorelei was screaming with her new-found squeaks, and her big voice filled up the whole room that day.

With good meals, lots of rest and comfort, the kitty got her meow back. "It was a full-on squeaky meow," Jacqueline said.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Watch Lorelei's rescue journey in this video:

The tortie girl now meows at every meal and whenever she demands attention. She's not shy of telling her humans what she wants.

Two days ago, they found her a foster home where she would have plenty of space to run around, play and show off her fearless tortitude.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Just a week ago, the little kitten was wandering the streets all by herself.

Now she has a comfortable home, lots of food and treats, plenty of toys and a foster mom to snuggle with.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

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