Kitten Taken in by Dogs, Has Napped with Them Every Night for 3 Months.


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A family brought home a rescue stray cat, but ended up with five more. One of them bonded with their dogs. He has slept with his protective canine friends every night for three months.

Photo by Erika Wyant

Erika Wyant shares the story with Love Meow:

I work at Advocates for Children. One day, my coworkers and I came into work and noticed a very thin, very young black cat lounging on our porch in the shade. We live in Georgia, so August weather tends to be brutally hot. We went inside and grabbed a can of tuna, and a bowl of water for her to see if she would eat. She immediately devoured both, to the point of getting sick.

I ended up taking her home with me to find her a "foster family." We all know how that goes. Three days later, we decided to keep her. Two weeks later, she was starting to look abnormally large in the belly area. It was a short time later that she birthed a litter of 5 little kittens in our guest room. We went from a three dog and one cat household, to a three dog and seven cat household. Our Dyson was working overtime!

Photo by Erika Wyant

We took the mama and the kittens to the vet, and thankfully they were all in good health. As they grew, they took an interest in our dogs.

One little kitten, in particular, would follow the dogs everywhere, curling up in bed with them each night.

Photo by Erika Wyant

He got the name "Fuzz" from my best friend's three year old daughter, who came to visit him regularly. His full name, according to her, is FuzzyTail. As we started to find homes for the kittens, we found ourselves unable to part with Fuzz.

Photo by Erika Wyant

We didn't want our three dogs (or ourselves) to endure the heartbreak of losing a best friend, so we decided to keep him, and the mama cat.

Photo by Erika Wyant

Fuzz napping with Rocky.

We are now living happily ever after in a house full of pets! Two pit-mixes, one German Shepherd, three cats, and a frog! Luckily, we have a large fenced in yard, and lots of cleaning supplies.

Photo by Erika Wyant

Inseparable friends :).

Photo by Erika Wyant

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