Kitten Travels in Pilot's Car for 300 Miles and Finds His Way into the Navy


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A tiny kitten survived a 300-mile long journey hiding inside a Navy helicopter pilot's car.

Meet Tigger the cat!

Photo: PO(Phot ) Paul A'Barrow/Royal Navy

The kitty traveled in Lieutenant Nick Grimmer's car from Birmingham Airport to the Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose. He was inside the rear bumper of the car during the entire ride.

When Nick heard a very quiet meow, he went to investigate.

"I looked in the boot, under the bonnet and climbed all over and under it and still couldn't find what was making the noise," Nick told Royal Navy.

Photo: PO(Phot ) Paul A'Barrow/Royal Navy

"I called up some of our air engineers who came and helped me to start dismantling my pride and joy (a BMW). On taking off the rear bumper we were greeted by a tiny tiger-triped kitten."

Nick put the kitten in the most comfortable place he could find - his flying helmet, so the kitten could take a nap while he took the tiny furry friend with him to work.

Photo: PO(Phot ) Paul A'Barrow/Royal Navy

"We are more than happy to adopt 'Tigger' as a mascot; after all it's a tradition for Royal Naval units to have a ships cat!" Commander Brendan Spoors said.

Photo: PO(Phot ) Paul A'Barrow/Royal Navy

Before they could officially adopt Tigger, they wanted to check if he belongs to someone.

"I instructed my team to launch 'Operation Tiger Kitten'. With the help of social media they are hoping to be 'mission complete' by the end of the week."

Little Tigger!

Watch this cute video from Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose:


The kitty is doing well! "Tigger is happy with his new home in Cornwall and 814 are still looking after him. We hope to get a picture update in September," Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose told Love Meow.

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