Kittens and Craisins - Taylor Swift's Cold Remedies

Kittens and Craisins - Taylor Swift's Cold Remedies


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What would you do if you catch a cold?

Taylor Swift believes that "a dose of craisins and a cute card with a frowning kitten" will help her backup singer fight off her cold.

Swift mentions on her MySpace blog that her backup singer, Liz, got a cold this weekend. Since Swift cannot afford getting sick for her daily 2-hour show every night, Swift is completely "quarantined" in her own dressing room except when it's time for her to perform on stage. They are trying everything possible to keep her away from the bug.

However, Swift feels sorry for her backup singer, hoping she can do something to help. She writes on a "I Miss You" card with a sad kitten face on the front. Swift says kitten cards always "make everything better". Also, she adds several craisins which she loves in the card, wishing the kitten card along with craisins would do the trick to bring speedy recovery to her backup singer.

"Hopefully the combination of cute kittens and Craisins will bring Liz back to perfect health." - Taylor Swift



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