Kittens Rescued in Sewage Found New Loving Home

Kittens Rescued in Sewage Found New Loving Home


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Two kittens were abandoned and found swimming in an icy raw sewage treatment facility last week. They were rescued and immediately taken for medical treatment. The Briggs family had two cats for two decades and thought they would never get another cat again until she saw the devastating condition these two kittens were in.

Beverly Briggs cried for two days and was determined to give these kittens a home with unlimited amount of love and care.

(Play the video below to meet the kittens and the Briggs family)

They have been treated, tested and vaccinated at the adoption center and even neutered recently. They are expected to live a perfectly normal life.

"The Briggs family of Feeding Hills calls these two kittens their Christmas miracle."

The humane society is offering a $11,000 reward for whoever finds the person responsible for the kittens' abandonment and cruel treatment.

Image via Flickr: SOS Animals

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