Kittens Saved from Blazing Clarenville Dump

Kittens Saved from Blazing Clarenville Dump


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2 kittens survived a fire in a dump, nearly died from the horrendous blaze, the kittens' cries caught a passerby's attention and led him to the dump where he saw the kittens covered in soot, dirt and ash. He quickly rescued the kittens out of the area and rushed them to get medical help. There is no information about how the kittens wound up in the dump.

The kittens are now named Whiskers and Smokey Joe.

They were taken to the vet for treatment and eventually surrendered to the Clarenville SPCA where a new cat mother was chosen to provide care and nurturing for the 2 little critters. The mother cat is a stray whose name is Erin. She just had 2 kittens of her own not too long ago.

Erin never had any milk to feed them but after about 4 days she has settled in and is feeding them and raising them as if they are her own. - Clarenville SPCA

SPCA is looking for new homes for the 2 kittens. The adoption will be available in 3 weeks. Click here to check out more pictures of the kittens.

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