Kittens Survive 3 Day Voyage Without Food or Water

Kittens Survive 3 Day Voyage Without Food or Water


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Flickr: Claudio Matsuoka

In 27 years of Alan Ketchum's truck driving experience, it was his first time to hear meowing coming from inside his truck. Three little kittens were wrapped in plastic and packed in a box full of electronic parts. According to Fox 8, no one knows how the box ended up in the truck, but after traveling hundreds of miles across the country, it is amazing how the little kittens survived the entire voyage without any food or water.

These three gorgeous kittens were transported to a local veterinary hospital where they were found dehydrated and low in blood sugar. They are having a minor upper respiratory infection, but are expected to recover very soon.

The kittens' meowing and screaming caught the truck driver's attention and eventually brought them to their rescuer.

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