Linus the Tuxedo Kitten Saved at Garage Sale

Linus the Tuxedo Kitten Saved at Garage Sale


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Linus is one of the four kittens that were found at a garage sale, but got a second chance at life thanks to the rescue efforts from Kate and Anje, and Kimberly who keeps the fuzzy little ones happy and well fed every single day at her foster care.

Linus has a way to melt people's hearts and it works every time. The look on his face constantly demands love. Even Kimberly's house cats can't resist this furry little brother from a different mother.

Linus weighing in. He has gotten bigger.

Tiny little one in his teeny kitten bed

He snugged himself in a perfectly sized bed

You can see the mischief in his eyes

Rosie, another tuxedo, has Linus captive

Linus is very loved by all the humans and cats, including his look-alike Harley

Their story via Kimberly's Kittens blog. Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery.

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