Little Chester and Sophia

Little Chester and Sophia


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Written by ©Carlee Tibbs.

My brother and I managed to convince our mum to let us have a kitten each and we set about finding one. We hadn't prepared anything beforehand, so had no food, litter tray, litter, toys, etc. I collected the kittens with a friend, who looked after them while I rushed around the city centre and grabbed what we needed for the kittens. They were about two months old when I got them.

They settled in very quickly; within an hour, they were happily sleeping on us and playing with us but slept under a wardrobe the first night. The next morning, I found their toys strewn about the bottom of the house and actually fell over because of one of their toy balls. When they heard me preparing food, they came out of their hiding place to eat and then started trying to play with me. Since then, they've definitely come out of their shells.

Chester is my kitten and Sophia is my brother's kitten. I lavish Chester with affection and I think she's jealous of this because she will push Chester off my lap or when Chester and I are cuddling, will play up so that Chester will be put down and she can get attention. She's also tried to suffocate a sleeping Chester, by lying on his face.

Chester is a little angel. He loves laying on me and cuddling with me. If I am at the table or making a cup of tea and he wants cuddles, he will launch himself as high up me as he can. When I'm doing my hair, he will sit on one of my feet. He loves to groom me, whether it's my hands or my hair! When I walk into the room, he will make a little noise (like a "mrph") and run towards me.

They're both really playful and will happily play together or with one of us humans for hours.

Photos courtesy of ©Carlee Tibbs.

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