Little Ginger Kitten Beats All Odds

Little Ginger Kitten Beats All Odds


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Oliver was bottle fed since he was little. The ginger kitty did not get his share of milk from the cat mother because her milk dried up, but luckily he was adopted by a hairdresser who came to the rescue and brought not only food, but lots of TLC to the little munchkin.

At the time, the vets said he only had a 50/50 chance of survival, but Oliver beat all odds and now he's doubled his weight.

Oliver is in the  kitten stage where he is curious about everything and has endless amount of energy to play. The little guy has so much to live for. His family and the vets are very pleased with how well he is doing today. [See new photos of Oliver]

Oliver tries to balance the ball


Climbing his new "toy"

Photos courtesy of ©Hannah Crick (flickr: Heczone).

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