Little Star in His Home

Little Star in His Home


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Meet Xiao Mao (or little furry - Mao also means cat in Mandarin), a new member to his family. "That was my first time taking photos of Little Furry. Boy, was it hard work? He was running around, jumping up and down. Once I thought I was about to get a good shot, he moved away." said Shen, Little Furry's human dad.

Little Furry kept his dad running behind him as if he was being followed by the paparazzi. The little kitty did not seem to mind at all and went on doing his own things. While Shen was crawling on the floor, bending his back and twisting his arms, trying to snap a photo of his kitty, Little Furry was amused and pranced away before his dad had a chance to get a good shot.

Little Furry gave his dad quite a workout, but he also rewarded him a few good pictures that Shen absolutely adores.

Photos courtesy of ©Shen.

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