Little Stray Calico Found Happiness

Little Stray Calico Found Happiness


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She is a mischievous little calico who can't get enough of all the "toys" she discovers in her home whether it's her mom's shoes, boxes or bags, she loves them all. Her name is Amy. Looking at her today, it's hard to believe that she was once a timid little stray kitten.

Amy was found outside a small convenience store. "We brought her home and thought we would give her all the motherly and fatherly love she ever wanted," said Yang Y..

When she came to her home, she was very scared of the new environment, taking refuge under the couch, behind the furniture, hiding in any small areas that she could fit herself into. Within 3 days, she had figured out the geography of the house and was slowly coming out of her shell. As she became braver each day, she walked out of the hiding spots, roaming round the house like she owns it. "Soon she started to show us all the wonderful traits of a happy kitty - jumping, running, clinging to us and snuggling with us in bed," Yang added.

Thanks Yang Y. for giving Amy the kitty a second chance at life. More fotos of this playful little calico:

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