Lucy Belle the Rescue Kitten Lives Life to Fullest

Lucy Belle the Rescue Kitten Lives Life to Fullest


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Little Lucy Belle was only 4 days old when her human mother found her in the basement of a friend's house. She was one of three kittens from the litter. "We waited for momma cat to come back but she never did. So, I took her under my care and nursed her around the clock. It was a very difficult task at first as I have no experience in caring for a newborn orphaned kitten. However, as she grew by pounds and inches as day goes by, words cannot describe the joy I have for her," said Lucy Belle's mom on her catster page.

"I am so proud that this little one is so full of life and she fight for each day with strength and courage. She is 2 years old now. She has given me so much insight in life, brought me happiness and laughter and reminds me that we can each have a sorrowful beginning, but we can still live life to the fullest. Thank you Lucy Belle for showing me so much unconditional love," said the mom.

Lucy Belle has grown into quite a character. Not only does she bring joy and love to her family, she keeps everyone entertained with her daily antics. "Lucy Belle is a very curious little kitty. Her job is to inspect shopping bags when I am done shopping. She also absolutely must jump in to all open closet and kitchen cabinets. She sleeps with me at night, cuddling my leg and would hesitate to let go when it is time for me to wake up. She stands by the bathroom door when I am inside, with the most heart wrenching wails, but when asked to come in, she would turn her back and run away. Oh cats..."

Check out Lucy Belle's Catster page and Youtube channel. :)


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