man rescued feral barn kitten

Man Didn't Know He Could Love a Cat This Much Until He Met This Tiny Fluffball


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This man found a little feral kitten at the barn who desperately needed help. "I actually rescued her from a less than ideal farm situation," imgur user FingerPickinGood told Love Meow.

"She is a sweet, gentle and loving little girl. Didn't think I could love a cat this much."

Courtesy of FingerPickinGood

He named her Olivia, and she found her favorite perching spot on his shoulder. "We go on adventures like this almost every day. She's made my world so much better."

Olivia was spotted as an orphan kitten, but now she has a forever human dad who cherishes and loves her.

Courtesy of FingerPickinGood

"Every time we play cards, she sits like this until we put the discard pile on her arms," he said.

"She was a barn cat, but I adopted her very young. Never thought she'd turn out so well mannered." They spend every game night together and Olivia loves her human dad just as much as he adores her.

Courtesy of FingerPickinGood

"The best things in life are rescued!"

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