Man Found Kitten Shivering in Pouring Rain. He just Couldn't Leave Her There..


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It was pouring rain when a man spotted a tiny kitten running in the streets. He couldn't leave the kitty there so got out of his car and went to the rescue.

The day they first found her.

Courtesy of Andrew

"I found her after she ran across the street, in front of 2 cars ahead of me," Andrew told Love Meow.

The little tabby cat dashed into some bushes to hide and was completely soaked and shivering. "She was just extremely scared and I grabbed her, fully expecting her bite. I held on and calmed her down and walked back to my car," Andrew said.

While he was driving home, the exhausted little kitten fell asleep on his lap shivering from the cold.

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They got her some antibiotics and she could finally open her eyes.

Courtesy of Andrew

Her eyes started to clear up. "I found her the day we found out my wife was pregnant."

They named the kitty Serena.

Courtesy of Andrew

Fully recovered! She is showing her human the belly!

Courtesy of Andrew

3 weeks after the rescue, her personality came out!

Courtesy of Andrew

"Our original intent was to give her up to a friend for adoption, however my wife and I got attached and decided to keep her. Just going to be an expensive move when we go back to the states," Andrew told Love Meow.

Snuggling with her rescuer, now forever human.

Courtesy of Andrew

"She's getting along with the other two cats (both rescues) and enjoying every moment of her life."

Courtesy of Andrew

The little stray who was found in the rain shivering from the cold now has transformed into a beautiful, happy and healthy cat!

Courtesy of Andrew

"The best things in life are rescued!" Share this story!

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