Man Saves Crying Kitten who Feels Loved After a Few Pets

Man Saves Crying Kitten who Feels Loved After a Few Pets


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A man heard kitten cries from his work place and traced it to the yard where he found a tiny kitten whose eyes were matted shut. He reached out to pet the little kitten who couldn't see him at the time, but started to feel the love.


"My husband Leo found her Sunday morning when he was at work. She was alone, and crying. Both of her eyes were crusted shut. He called me, and I headed over with the cat carrier. We were able to get one of her eyes to open within an hour, and she got the other one open on her own. He did a very thorough search of the area, and saw no other cats or kittens," Laney told Love Meow.

Kitten couldn't see the man when he was petting her, but she felt the love.

Leo reached out to pet the little kitten | YouTube

"Took her to the vet yesterday, and she is 3-4 weeks old. Everything looks healthy, and her eyes cleared up even more overnight. The vet decided she didn't need any medication for them. She has fleas, so we just got done giving her a bath, and pulling about 50 fleas from her!"

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They brought her home and she started to purr :).

Photo by Laney via Instagram

Watch the rescue in this video:

They haven't decided on a name yet. She will soon be meeting their other rescue, Skidmark, who was saved from an intersection.

Photo by Laney via Instagram

Updates: They have named the kitty Daenerys Targaryen! Dany for short. He's met Skidmark and this is them staying in bed on a snowy day :).

Photo by Laney via Instagram

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