Men Rescued Abandoned New Born Kittens


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Never expected men would stay up all night bottle feeding kittens? You bet there are men like that out there who show a plethora of paternal love to our furry friends.

David Dixon and Paul Ortega from California rescued four kittens that were placed in a trash bag and abandoned near Palm Springs Elementary School. Two surviving kittens were later named Scooter and Dixie. Dixon and Ortega uttered how difficult it was to save the kittens from dying, but they said it was "worth every late night of meows to nurse them back to good health" according to KPSP.

The kittens have gotten stronger thanks to Dixon and Ortega. The two men decided to adopt the kittens they rescued.

Click play to watch a video of Scooter being bottle fed by his daddy:

One week later, look at how the kittens are doing:

More than a month later:

Click here to read full story on KPSP.

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