Microchip Helped Owners Reunite with Cats Years Later

Microchip Helped Owners Reunite with Cats Years Later


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Smarty, a lovable furry creature, was reunited with his owner years after he went missing when he wriggled out of his collar from his cat-sitter. Despite a year of searching for the missing cat and placing food in the parking lot where the cat was last seen, nothing seemed to help catch a sight of Smarty.

3 years had past, Smarty paid a surprise visit at the Marin Humane Society where the staff spotted him and brought him inside for microchip scanning as a standard procedure they do on stray cats. Quickly, they located the owner of the cat and brought Smarty back to the place where he belonged. It was a sweet moment of reunion for the cat and the owner.

Microchip implants are linked to "a permanent identification system to reunite animal with master." The size of the chip is almost as small as a grain of rice. It carries a unique identification number assigned to the cat. When it is scanned, it transponds to the computer system and pulls out a record that pertains to the cat, including the contact information of the rightful owner and so forth. There is always a chance that an indoor cat sneaks out of the house. We cannot be so sure, so microchipping  your cat is definitely an important practice to protect your cat.

Below is a video that shows the entire process of microchipping a cat:






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