Monet The Cat: Fighter Against Cancer


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Monet the cat is a little fighter who has been beating the odds against cancer. Thanks to those who never gave up on him, the little guy is not only getting better, he is inspiring many with his story.

"My little foster Monet is only 4 months old but he is already facing a challenge in his kittenhood. Monet has a condition called 'Cutaneous Mastocytosis' that is when the mast cells go crazy in the body in a similar way as they do with cancers and immune diseases," said Monet's foster mom. But the little guy doesn't let his condition stop him. "He is a super affectionate little love bug who is always looking for some cuddles."

"He came to us from a rescue in Columbia, MO after a diagnosis was made and they didn't feel well equipped enough to handle his needs." That's when Tenth Life stepped up for the special needs kitty and made it their mission to help cats and kittens regardless of medical conditions. Monet's life was forever changed.

Monet started his chemo treatment with medication specially for his age. "The good news is that this medicine works equally well on cats as it does on dogs. There are little to no side effects."

Monet has been a trooper and doing very well since the treatment started. He is a sweet little patient and has never had problems at the vet's. He is simply happy for a second chance at life. "As soon as he got home (from the vet), he ran out of the crate and gobbled up his dinner."

"His oncologist said that he was definitely a little fighter. He's doing so pawesome and I'm really proud of him!"

Monet the cat is little fighter who has been beating the odds against cancer. He's a very happy kitty who doesn't let his condition stop him.

This is right before Monet left for his first treatment. Lincoln the resident cat gave him a pep talk.

Monet is getting better and stronger each day. As soon as he gets back from the vet, he runs out of his crate and gobbles up his dinner.

He is simply happy for a second chance at life.

Photos by Tenth Life. Follow them on Facebook and Lincoln the cat's page.

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