Moods That Your Cat Puts You Through

Moods That Your Cat Puts You Through


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Although cats are mostly observed as soulless creatures that have no interest in you or your feelings, true cat lovers know how much this is not true. While they sometimes truly seem indifferent and quite narcissistic, our furry companions are much more complex than that. For those who can relate, but also for those who cannot, perhaps it is time to learn about all the wonders of being a cat owner and just how much our feline friends can influence the quality of our life. And while some of these are subjective emotions from a genuine cat lover, others are proven scientific facts about how cats can improve your lifestyle.

They Will Comfort You

Not only do these balls of softness offer great companionship for those in need, they actually represent one of the best cures for heartache. Owning a cat can greatly help humans cope with pain, not only emotional but physical pain as well. Besides the fact that they provide moral support, certain studies claim that cats sense the hardship of their human companions and offer support in difficult times. Some studies also show that having a cat by your side can greatly improve one's mood and that they represent a natural remedy against loneliness, anxiety and even depression. Pet therapy involving cats has also proven to be quite effective when it comes to treating autism in children.

They Keep You Allergy Free

While most parents fear keeping a pet and a baby in the house together, studies have proven that this concern is completely unjustified. Not only is it not harmful towards the infant, but certain studies claim that it can actually have many positive effects on a child. According to the Pet Health Council from United Kingdom, one of the positive traits of owning a cat in the first years of life is the lesser chance of getting hay fever, asthma or catching any animal-related allergies.

They Tend for Your Heart (Literally)

Before you start looking for alternative solutions and start practicing yoga and meditation to decrease those stress levels, perhaps you should opt for something more effective – like getting a cat. Not only are cats considered low-maintenance pets, which results in less stress and anxiety, but these furry friends have been proven to be quite successful with protecting your cardiovascular health. Researchers from the American Stroke Association claim that owning a cat can reduce the chance of a heart attack by nearly 30%.

They Make You Laugh

But, in the end, when everything else fails, you can always count on your little balls of fur to make you laugh. By far, this is (personally) the best remedy for any problem. It is a well-known fact that laughter can boost your immunity and help keep you strong and healthy; and if there is something I can vouch for it is that having a cat guarantees you endless hours of laughter. Not only are they natural little mischiefs that have no trouble getting into all kinds of situations, but I have found adorable cat toys at Stefmar that keeps my feline friend occupied for hours. Now I can say for sure that laughter definitely is the best medicine.

All animals have something divine in them and while cats can be perceived as a bit of intriguing and mysterious, that is just the thing that keeps them interesting. These seemingly egocentric beings are actually quite loveable and sympathetic once you get to know them, so do not hesitate to give them a chance.

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