More Animals Rescued from Horrid Living Conditions

More Animals Rescued from Horrid Living Conditions


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There are more heart wrenching stories about cats and dogs being neglected by their owners. 51 dogs and cats were seized from a woman who simply couldn't afford keeping all the animals in her barren, crowded house. The dogs and cats were not in the condition for adoption because of their health concerns. Most of them have been starved, left in an extremely unsanitary environment and some of them have developed flea infestations and skin infections. They are all very weak and need further veterinarian care.

In Nebraska, a cat lover couple, Clifford and Juanita Gray have got the reputation for owning a cat house in the neighborhood that home over 50 creatures. The home constantly emitted smell of ammonia, urine and feces. The condition of the house was horrid and filthy. Nebraska Humane Society rescued 41 cats and took them for a veterinary exam. About 10 cats escaped during the rescue. The rest of the cats found at the house were in no condition to recover so were deemed to be euthanized. Majority of the animals have contracted severe "upper respiratory infections, ear mites and fleas. Most are also underweight. "

The Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society has announced their third annual Feline Fest. The shelter is providing care for over 230 felines where 100 of them are in volunteer foster homes. Society has reached their capacity and is trying its best to fight off the financial challenge and limited resources.

From Thursday, July 23 through Saturday, July 25, the Society will offer feline adoptions at half its usual fees.  Adult cats will be available for $35 (down from the normal $75), while kittens can be adopted for $50 (down from the normal $100).  The Society will stay open until 8pm on Thursday, July 23rd to give everyone a chance to come in and find their new feline friend. - Shelter Filled to Capacity with Cats

If you are interested in adopting one of those lovely creatures, please visit the sites and contact the rescue shelters for more information.

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