Orphaned Kitten Adopted By Bulldog

Orphaned Kitten Adopted By Bulldog


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A tiny orphaned kitten has found an unusual new mom, a bulldog named Harley, who adopted him and started producing milk to nurse the little one.

The two week old kitten, Tigger, was found abandoned and alone in a church. He was then taken to Arvonia Vets in Cheltenham. When a trainee nurse, Clare Evans, saw the tiny rescue, she instantly fell in love and so she brought the little ginger home with her.

"From the moment I took Tigger back to mine Harley completely tried to take over the care of him. She washes him and lets him cuddle up, and now she's producing milk and feeding him," said Evans. Harley is very protective of Tigger and watches over him guarding his safety.

"She can be quite a moody so-and-so and I never thought she would be this way with him."

Tigger loves his new mom and often buries himself into her flaps of skin for comfort and warmth.

Clare's parents Christine and Alan who live right next door have decided to adopt little Tigger. "We thought it would be too distressing to separate them completely and my boys were quite taken and didn't want to lose him either," she added.

Source: Express. Picture by SWNS.

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