Orphaned Kitten Needs Motherly Love, Man Decides He Will Be His New 'Mom'


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A tiny orphaned kitten was desperately in need of motherly love, so a man decided he would be his new 'mom'.

Luka Davis @lukabeans

Luka Davis took in a tiny orphaned kitten that needed a lot of help, care and love that a mother would give.

It's been three years since Luka lost his best furry friend Bounty.

"Even though this kitty is an orphan, having to bottle feed him and literally play the role as his mum makes me love him even more," Luka said.

"It's made him love us a ton too. It's like another Bounty but different skin."

More info Luka Davis | Instagram

He named him Winston!

Luka Davis @lukabeans

Winston needed a lot of help and love, when he came to his new home.

Luka Davis @lukabeans

Luka fed him around the clock, and little Winston would fall asleep on him.

Luka Davis @lukabeans

Purring and cuddling with his human dad.

Luka Davis @lukabeans

Little Winston was nursed back to health and fluffier than ever!

Luka Davis @lukabeans

He loves following Luka around and to be his little lap kitty.

Luka Davis @lukabeans

More lap time!

Luka Davis @lukabeans

Little Winston then (watch video)

A video posted by Luka Davis (@lukabeans) on

Now he has someone to cuddle with forever!

Luka Davis @lukabeans

What love can do! Share this beautiful story!

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