Peanut the Trailer Kitty

Peanut the Trailer Kitty


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A tiny orphan kitten came to a family unexpectedly one day. They didn't think he'd make it, but somehow the little tabby survived.

"Peanut was found by one of our neighbors - all alone and crying in the plastic wrapped underside of a trailer that was being moved. When I was trying to think of a name for  him, the old children's song 'found a peanut... found a peanut.. found a peanut just now' kept running through my head. It seemed to fit," said Kim Murrel.

"He was the most adorable kitten I've ever encountered. He had to be hand fed and taught how to use a litter box. He bonded so closely with all of us. I think he thinks he's human... or that we're just really weird looking cats," Kim added.

Baby Peanut

Peanut and his tiger

Peanut was as tiny as the bottle:

Tiny bitty Peanut

His first Christmas!

Almost 10 years later :).

Photos by ©Kim Murrel (flickr: SouthernBelladonna).

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