Pete the Kitty Found in Park: Then & Now

Pete the Kitty Found in Park: Then & Now


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Pete the kitty and his litter mates were found in a local park by a child from the neighborhood according to H. Sohei. They were taken to a local rescue group where Pete's two brothers went to a foster home, and Pete and another littermate went to another.

"At the time I was signing up to become a foster parent, and that’s how I met Pete. He was very tiny and was only one month old,” said H. Sohei.

Now fast forward to today, Pete is almost 10 years old and has grown into a handsome fella. He never left his foster home because they couldn't part with him and adopted him into their family.

Pete the kitty found in the park, fell asleep in his human dad's hand


Sniff sniff


"I love you towel!"


All grown up now.

Photos courtesy of H.Sohei (flickr: hsohei, blog: the door into Pete and Delta).

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