Princess the Kitty with lots of Dignity

Princess the Kitty with lots of Dignity


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Princess is a beautiful, regal fluffy girl who had a rough beginning to her life. It is hard to imagine that she was once a very skinny kitty covered with dirt and water. Today Princess is living up to her name. She lives with dignity and has many people around her pampering and spoiling her rotten.

Princess was found by wabisabi's friend Linda when she was a little wee kitten wandering alone on the school campus.

"She was starving on the campus where I work, and after lurking in the bushes for who-knows-how-long, she finally made herself known by crying at the door of the building where my office was (at that time) at 7:45 a.m. on a very cold November morning. She was thin, cold, dirty, hungry, and her fur was such a mess that you couldn’t even tell what color she was, or even that she had long hair. Over the course of the next month or so, at home, with food and warmth and love and safety, she morphed into the gorgeous creature you see in those photos. As you can suspect from the photos, she is very much loved," said Linda. The two have been living happily together for many wonderful years ever since. Princess has come out of her shell and became the one that everyone adores in the house.

Wabisabi was cat-sitting Princess for a while when his friend was away. "She loves to lick and chew on me. Maybe she is considering me as emergency food. Whenever I see her asleep, I feel like tickling her white forehead."

Princess loves to come down to the kitchen in the morning at 9a.m. to "oversee the day's meal plan." Though she is a kitty with lots of dignity, she is not afraid of getting down and play rough with toys. When wabisabi tried to take photos of her, she was always patient and poised, giving a variety of poses and looks. She has a pair of amazing eyes that make her look so royal and gracious.

"She is the princess among the cats, ruling with beauty and dignity."

Photos courtesy of wabisabi (flickr: wabisabi2015 ). Check out more photos of Princess here.

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