Protect Your Cat from Heat Stroke in Summer

Protect Your Cat from Heat Stroke in Summer


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It's summer time, a season where many long-haired or medium-haired cats face fur ball issues as a result of seasonal shedding. We don't usually take our furry friends to the groomers because cats take care of their coat very well. However, with layers of hair all over their body, many long-haired breeds such as Persians, Maine Coons and Himalayans might experience heat exhaustion if the room temperature isn't adjusted to their favor or if they habitually roam outside the house.

There are signs of pet heat stroke to look out for: Panting, Anxiety and Faster Heartbeats and Dark Red Gums.

If your cat begins to show strange signs of heavy breathing, then it's best to give it a nice cool bowl of water.

...when starts to get panicky and begins to pace restlessly across the room, you should check for its pulse.

A higher heart rate means a higher blood pressure, and a higher blood pressure leads to unusually red skin. - Cat Heat Stroke

"Cat Heat Stroke" from Directory M explains what you should do when you catch those signs of heat stroke in your cat. Also, it provides preventative measures to help your cat stay away from getting exhausted by the unrelenting heat.

"During extremely harsh weathers, it's only right to let your pet stay indoors. Rubbing a damp towel against your pet also keeps its body from overheating." - Cat Heat Stroke

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