Rescue Cat Cuddles Adopted Puppy to Sleep

Rescue Cat Cuddles Adopted Puppy to Sleep


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Sammy the cat cuddles his family's new adopted puppy to sleep. "I think my cat approves!" said Sophie Beth via reddit.

Sammy is a rescue cat who was given a second chance. "(He) is only a little over a year old. We found him when he was two weeks old and bottle fed him. Now he's transformed into a giant. The puppy is only 6 weeks old…," she added.

The tuxedo boy "was raised by humans and a dog," and has always had a strong connection with canines. He grooms the new adopted puppy and snuggles with her when she's asleep as if he's telling her "we are family now."

Sammy the rescue cat welcomes their new adopted puppy into their family


Photo by Sophie Beth via reddit.

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