rescued ginger kitten size of dollar bill

Man Rescues Tiny Kitten Size of Dollar Bill, Now Nine Months Later...


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Little Cheddar Bear was just the size of a dollar bill when he was rescued. He returned the favor to the man who saved him.

Courtesy of Ryan Tronca

Ryan Tronca found Cheddar after his beloved cat Huggy Bear of 14 years passed away.

"I was so devastated but Cheddar has helped me get through the loss," Tronca told Love Meow.

Before Cheddar came to Tronca, the kitten desperately needed a home and someone to care for him. Tronca drove from Seattle to Portland to pick up the kitten and take him home.

Courtesy of Ryan Tronca

"Poor baby was hungry, he had fleas, worms, and ear mites so first we took him to the vet... He had a lot of parasites so he wasn't feeling too good and slept with us like a baby," Tronca told Love Meow.

First day home!

Courtesy of Ryan Tronca

Huddling up to his forever human.

Courtesy of Ryan Tronca

They gave him a blanket and he slept like a baby that night.

Courtesy of Ryan Tronca

Fast forward...

He's 9 months old now! Healthy and loved!

Cheddar has been a wonderful companion to his humans and is always there to offer a snuggle.

Courtesy of Ryan Tronca

"He loves to play and he's vocal with us," Tronca told Love Meow.

Cheddar is very affectionate and loves to give Eskimo kisses.

Courtesy of Ryan Tronca

Tronca rescued the little ginger boy, so the kitty returned the favor by snuggling and hugging with him everyday.

Courtesy of Ryan Tronca

When you rescue, you too are rescued!

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