Rescue Story of an Itty Bitty Kitty

Rescue Story of an Itty Bitty Kitty


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Little rescue sitting on a plate :)

Written by ©Abi Bell.

I work out almost everyday. After my friend and I do weights, we usually go for a run.  We headed out and we were yapping about this or that. When we were passing these bushes, I heard this sad whine sound. I stopped her and asked if she heard it. She's said no, and I told her..."shhh listen!" and we walked back. Sure enough here's these cute little eyes staring out of a bush.

We didn't know what to do. She wouldn't let us anywhere near her. My friend eventually took off and I went to PetSmart to get some food.

I came back and put the food down but she was still too scared to go near it with me, and that night I couldn't get her to come home with me. That was hard. I came back first thing the next day with more food and same deal leave the food and go faaaaar off into the distance. I did this day and night for a week. She got better and I could stand closer but even if I reached down to touch her she'd hiss and run away. One night I couldn't even find her and had to just leave the food. I was so scared that something had happened to her, but the next morning there she was waiting for me.

This is kitten when she was still a little feral

I tried to pick her up once and she totally freaked out and clawed me all up. I was totally unprepared. So the next time my friend came to the gym with me she had a towel ready and I picked her up and put her in it. Ohhh she was not a happy cat at all! I took her back to my place and she hid under the bed. I put food and water under and the next day she'd come out and eat but still hissing if I tried to reach out to her. By the end of that day though she let me pet her and for the first time purred. I even think if it might have been her first purr. She looked a bit shocked as if she was thinking "What's this sound?" Now she comes out and plays and lets me pet her. We're getting along great. When she's feeling feisty she races around the room and chases her tail till she falls over. It's very funny. She also likes to jump with all 4 feet!

Everyone says I should find her a home. I have a photographer business that's new and still not making a lot of income. I know the cost of animals (medical, food, etc) but I do really love this little kitten. All the cats that have ever been in my life have found me and I just think that's the way cats are. They pick you. I will make the best choice for the kitty when I am ready. I still don't have a name for her so if you want to throw something in the pot after seeing her I'd be open to that.

Photos courtesy of ©Abi Bell (Check out Abi's flickr and photography website).


Kitten is looking for a name, any ideas?

Abi and Kitten

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