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Talking about high-end cat furniture, I came across this company named Pet-Interiors that has some really neat furniture designs. They are nothing like what I have seen before, both design and price.

This cat bed is made of a felt basket that is made 100% wool with a soft cushion inside. It sounds and looks pretty luxurious, but let's take a look at the appendages. They make you wonder why they are made that way. One of the reasons could be that it's for fashion. Having something chic and fashion forward instead of some old-style cat bed. However, you will  probably find your cat face wiping the protrusion quite often. That's a way for them to leave their scents and claim the bed as their own.

This is another design possibly inspired by a crown, thus is named the Crown Felt. It is made of the same material as the one before. As you can see it looks comfy and elegant, but there is a question about functionality here. What do you think cats would do with these ruffles? I think my cats would gladly tear them off or chew them up into smithereens. It is hard to imagine that the ruffles will stay immobile at all time. Cats love anything that dangles, so these ruffles would be great toys for cats especially kittens I would think. However, if your cats are as laid-back as the Persian, maybe there will not be much damage to the bed.

Now this design has my approval. It looks durable, pleasant and functional. The dangling toy is a great addition to the bed. It adds more fun for the cat. The bed is wide enough for even three cats to fit in. There are no funny accessories or components coming out from the basket. Cats can even scratch the basket to exercise their nails without seriously ruining it. I would get something like this if the price is right.

I would never have this one in my house even though it looks really nice. The truth is that you should try to avoid leather products (including imitation leather) in your house if you have a cat. They scratch. Even by accident, your leather will most likely be damaged. The basket is made from imitation leather. That's how it gives you that slight sheen and smooth surface. Durability wise, it is not good. You may find your cat bed scratched and torn in a short period of time. It will not look as pretty as it is by then.

I love the shape of this bed. It looks classy and functional. Cats love to lean against a soft recline. It is a great design and everything looks really comfortable. Thumbs-up for this one.

Cats love perches and ramps. This is a great looking perch that would not kill the interior design of your house, but to amp it up with its nicely cylinder shaped structure and its expensive looking material. It comes with a cushion, scratch cover, and a special decorative cover.

If you do not want to mount anything on the wall, you can choose one with a stainless steel stand. This one is great except it is completely upholstered in imitation leather. If it is a different material such as cotton or wool, it would be better. Leather or imitation leather does not last with cats.

Now this one is better!

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