Rosemary the Kitten Runs Her New Home

Rosemary the Kitten Runs Her New Home


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Written by ©Maria (flickr: holoubek).

We adopted Rosemary about 2 weeks ago from the local animal shelter, and she had been in foster care with 3 other kittens. In any case, when we saw Rosemary, we knew she was the perfect cat for us right away.

She was very calm and quiet. When the adoption volunteer trimmed her claws, Rosemary barely fidgeted. She started meowing on the way home and has been fairly vocal ever since. It only took her two days to feel comfortable and curious enough to explore the entire apartment, and since then, she's been adjusting well and running around all over the place until morning.

Rosemary is still a calm kitty, overall, except for when she stumbles across one of her little mouse toys or when it's well past midnight and she comes into my bedroom to try to get me to play. She's pretty vocal and often meow-sings when eating. She purrs all the time and loves attention and petting, like most kittens. Rosemary has also figured out how to climb up my leg when I'm not getting her food out fast enough, and she also has an odd habit of trying to climb up blank walls. She also seems to love chasing her own tail. And of course, she would much rather take a nap on my pillow than on her kitty bed.

Whenever I'm sitting at the table eating something, Rosemary loves to climb up onto my lap and try to get on the table, regardless of whatever it is I'm eating. If it's something extra delicious like oven-roasted chicken, she sometimes puts her front paws on my chest and tries to sniff and lick my lips. When she tries to get on the table or eat my food, I take her paws off of there and put her back in my lap. After 20 attempts, she finally gives up and climbs up onto another chair to try from that angle. She's a very determined cat.

Rosemary is very sweet and affectionate, even if she doesn't understand that my hair is not a chew toy and that 3 am is not a good time to pounce on my toes and jump on and off the bed. She's a wonderful companion, and we love having her with us.

Photos courtesy of ©Maria (flickr: holoubek).

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