Seamus the Cat is a Tough Kitty with a Cyborg-Like Eye

Seamus the Cat is a Tough Kitty with a Cyborg-Like Eye


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Seamus the kitty is one tough and cool cat! He survived a car accident and is now the happiest kitty he can be.

Seamus' human wrote via reddit: "He was hit (by a car) before we adopted him. They think he was a stray that got hit. The vets were great, they re-wired his jaw and fixed him all up. We're suckers for a hard-luck story, and turns out he's the coolest guy! PS. he now is the ruler of the condo and does not venture outside.

The vet said that they think he can still see out of that eye, though I'd debate that. When the sun shines on his face, he only squints his 'good' eye. They said it causes him no pain but will likely remain that way. He's the happiest cat!"

Meet Seamus the cat! He's tough and cool. Nothing can phase him. 

His humans met him after he was rescued from a car accident. They just had to take him home.

He's now the ruler of the house and loves his assortment of boxes. 

Sometimes he prefers to sleep in two boxes at the same time.

What a handsome fella!

"He's the happiest cat!"

Photos via reddit.

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