Shelter Animal Stamps to the Rescue

Shelter Animal Stamps to the Rescue


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Do you have any cute cat stamps? The Postal Service™ together with Ellen DeGeneres and Halo unveiled their new set of stamps called "Animal Rescue." The goal is to raise the awareness of the millions of shelter pets in the US that are waiting for their forever homes. Unfortunately almost 50 percent of animals that enter American animal shelters end up being put down.

"Many of these cats and dogs would have made a wonderful pet... if only given the chance" the campaign stated.

Ellen DeGeneres is the co-owner of Purely for Pets that promotes the campaign, Stamps to the Rescue. DeGeneres and Halo are giving one million meals to shelter pets that need good homes.

There are ten stamps that come in the set. Each of them shows a true story of a shelter animal that was once without a home, but later given a second chance at life. Five of them feature cats. Scroll down to meet these five beautiful furry friends and learn about their stories: (photos taken by Sally Andersen-Bruce)

Willow - "Willow was left in a box by the door of the shelter as kitten. When the animal control officer met her there, she knew the scrawny, little gray kitten should come home with her. Willow is now part of a happy family that includes three dogs and two other cats."

Peaches - "Peaches was born under a porch. She and her littermates had to be trapped to be taken to the shelter. There, all the kittens were spayed or neutered, given complete health exams, and put up for adoption."

Frankie - "Frankie was brought to the shelter with his mother and two other kittens. Unforutnately, they are all very sick and Frankie was the only one to survive. Today, this dapper cat is thriving in a loving family."

Bianca - "Bianca was adopted through a senior-to-senior program which allows cats older than six to be adopted by a senior citizen at no cost. Bianca has since passed away, but was well-loved and cared for in her final years."

Lucas - "Hungry, cold and lucky, Lucas picked the right yard to wander into. It belonged to an animal shelter volunteer. He was taken to the shelter, where he got a complete physical, was neutered, and put up for adoption."

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