Shelter Cat Star Hilary


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from Katie's Place (Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada)

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Pet ID#: A09159293 (click here to contact the shelter)

About Hilary:

Dainty little Hilary and her big pal, Bagheera, came to us from a home they'd had since they were kittens. They'd been indoor cats and now, a year later, their entire world turned upside down when their people moved to where they couldn't come too. They were both well-behaved cats.

Hilary was described as being a bit timid while Bagheera was described as being more outgoing. They were both scared upon arriving at the shelter. They never dreamed that such a place existed. But within a few days, they were both greeting us when we arrived and enjoying pets. Hilary still felt a bit uncertain but she found the courage to enjoy some pets along with Bagheera. She's a pretty little thing who just needs to feel safe and secure. Then she'll be nuzzling and purring for her person. Only a week or so after arriving, Hilary became a perky, friendly, happy member of the communal room. Hilary and Bagheera don't appear to be too bonded. They're both social butterflies in their own ways. They both come running to greet us when we arrive but they come separately. They should do fine adopted separately.

We have a story to tell on Hilary. When she was new, she was taken from their new-cat cage to be spayed. She returned from this adventure and was relieved to see their new-cat cage again. But we had left the cage door open because Bagheera was ready to release. He had left and another black cat, Jetta, was trying out their nest for a snooze. Hilary didn't know any of this. She launched herself into the new-cat cage and ducked right into their nest behind the black cat. Jetta looked surprised as though saying, "What the...!" Hilary then realized this cat wasn't Bagheera. But she decided to stay anyway. Jetta left the nest, feeling awkward. Hilary stayed in the nest, looking like she suspected us of playing a bad joke on her."


Breed: Domestic

Sex: Female

Color: Black and white

Hair: Short

Age: Adult

Hilary is:

Up to date with shots

House trained

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