Shelter Kitty Got Ignored because She Wasn't a 'Whole Cat' until Someone Saw Her Differently


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She had waited in the shelter for a long time. Many people passed her by because she wasn't a 'whole cat' until a couple came into her life and thought she's perfect!

Meet Trinity!

Photo: Sondra

Sondra shares the story with Love Meow: "She was skittish and terrified of the people looking for companions. Families were passing her by for two reasons. 1.) She wasn't a 'whole' cat, and 2.) she was hissing and growling at everyone who opened the door to her cage.

She was 10 days out of surgery at this point. I do not know what the reason for the removal of the leg was, and when we heard the second story I stopped asking."

They decided she was the perfect kitty to take home. "I knew that the next time I adopted a cat I was going to get a special needs kitty."

"This is our dedicated cat room, and she immediately hid under/behind the 200+ pound TV."

Photo: Sondra

"She inched her way out after a few hours of solitude to get used to her surroundings/new home."

Photo: Sondra

When Trinity finally came out of her shell, she couldn't get enough of love from her humans.

Watch video:

First meeting with Gaia the cat.

"At this point in time Gaia was 2.5 years old, and Trinity was just a few days over 2 months."

Photo: Sondra

"Trinity and her brother, Chewbacca (Chewie)."

They hit it off very quickly.

Photo: Sondra

"This was when we first got Trinity. The bond these two developed in such a short amount of time was astounding."

Photo: Sondra

"Our cats take care of cleaning the ear that Trinity can't reach, which is just awesome. They sometimes act 'in loco parentis' for her."

Photo: Sondra

"These two have become best buds. While they look it, they are not related."

Photo: Sondra

It's hard to believe this is the same cat they met at the shelter. All it took was a second chance.

She knows she's perfect!

Photo: Sondra

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