10-day-old Tripawd Kitten Lives Up to His Name


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This cat has truly lived up to his name. At 10 days old, he fought his way to survival despite losing a limp. Now he is thriving with his three paws.

Meet Trooper!

Courtesy: Foothills Animal Shelter

"The kitten was found by a good Samaritan under a porch, along with four siblings," Foothills Animal Shelter told Love Meow.

The two surviving kittens from the litter were taken to Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, who then contacted Foothills Animal Shelter. When the kittens arrived at the shelter, staff quickly noticed that in order to save little Trooper, they had to remove his injured leg.

"We knew without the surgery he wouldn't survive, so we decided to take the chance," said Dr. Emily Hays, Chief Veterinarian at Foothills Animal Shelter.

Courtesy: Foothills Animal Shelter

At 10 days old, Trooper underwent the surgery like a champ!

His amazing will to live resonates with his name. He and his sister were placed in a foster home to recover. "The kittens were so young that their eyes were barely open and they were still learning to walk," the shelter said.

Courtesy: Foothills Animal Shelter

Despite everything Trooper has gone through, after more than two months of specialized and life-saving care, Trooper has fully recovered from his leg amputation.

Trooper cuddling with his caregiver. Look at that content face :).

Courtesy: Foothills Animal Shelter

"He is a rambunctious, healthy kitten that loves to play with toys. His missing limb doesn't slow him down at all," the shelter told Love Meow.

"Within one day of being available for adoption, Trooper found a home. Cindy and Dave H. spotted Trooper on Foothills Animal Shelter's website and fell in love."

Courtesy: Foothills Animal Shelter

The happy tripawd now spends his days playing with another cat, named Phoenix.

"His big brother Phoenix took to him almost immediately. We feel so fortunate that he's a part of our family and settling in nicely," says Cindy.

Courtesy: Foothills Animal Shelter

Trooper the cat knows no limits!

Courtesy: Foothills Animal Shelter

Share this story and help kitties like Trooper find their forever loving homes! You can help their rescue efforts by visiting Foothills Animal Shelter's website or Facebook.

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