Man Rescued Sick Kitten at the Pound and Went to Get His Sick Siblings Too

Man Rescued Sick Kitten at the Pound and Went to Get His Sick Siblings Too


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A kind-hearted man rescued a sick kitten at the pound and went to get his two sick siblings too.

One of the kittens says "Thank you!"

Photo: Zane Lamprey

Zane Lamprey went to the pound to look at kitties and came across this kitten in terrible shape. He knew he had to get him out of there and help nurse him back to health.

When they asked about the kitten, they learned that the kitty had two siblings who were also very sick. Lamprey decided to take all three kittens so they would have a better chance of survival.

"There were three kittens that were in rough shape," Lamprey wrote. "This one was the worst off. He wasn't eating."

Photo: Zane Lamprey

Initially, they did not plan to name the kittens, afraid that they might get attached, but that quickly changed.

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"To some, it's just a cat. Just one cat. You can't save them all, so what does it matter? Well, it matters to this one...," Lamprey said.

Kitty and his kitten sitter.

Photo: Zane Lamprey

"If you have room in your home and your hearts, I encourage you to save a little life. It could fill both your hearts for a little lifetime."

Napping on their favorite bed at their forever loving home!


The kitties have all grown up now!

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