Stefanos and Vackis, Two Rescued Brothers

Stefanos and Vackis, Two Rescued Brothers


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Written by ©Ourania (flickr: Ourania2005).

My husband loves cats and usually feeds cats near his work place (a shipyard). When he came across a white female cat, he started feeding her daily until he discovered that she had two white and gray kittens. My husband decided to rescue them and bring them into our home.

We fell in love with them and they have been living with us ever since. Their mother Koukla was taken to be spayed and that's when her life was saved because we found out that she had a severe infection that was eventually treated by the vet. The mother and her two boys are now part of our big family with four other cats.

Stefanos is very kind, sweet, affectionate and playful from the start. Vackis is just like his brother, but he likes to tease you when he plays. They both grew up together with our daughter Eva since she was a toddler. They have formed a strong bond and you can tell that love is in the air whenever they are together.

Photos courtesy of ©Ourania(flickr: Ourania2005).

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