Shoppers Hear Kitten Cries Coming from Under the Fridge

Shoppers Hear Kitten Cries Coming from Under the Fridge


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Shoppers at a local Walmart heard kitten cries coming from under a refrigerated display case. No one knew how they got in there, but the rescue went underway.

Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society

A stray cat mama found an unusual spot to have her kittens.

A few concerned shoppers heard faint meows at a Walmart in Phoenix Arizona, they alerted the store manager, who later discovered not one, but two tiny kittens under one of the refrigerated display units containing sandwiches.

"Unable to reach the frantic felines, the manager summoned EAMTs (Humane Society's Emergency Animal Medical Technicians) to the scene and using a snake cam they were able to pinpoint the kittens' location," Arizona Humane Society told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society

The store manager soon realized that these two kittens belong to a cat that they rescued and rehomed a few days prior. They didn't know that the stray cat mama had stashed her two newborn kittens among wires, pipes and debris behind the unit.

It's still a mystery as to how she was able to crawl behind the refrigerator in the first place.

An EAMT trying to reach the kittens.

Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society

"After several hours of disassembling the display unit, EAMTs were able to reach the kittens and rescue them from their frigid fate," Arizona Humane Society said.

The kittens were just a few weeks old when they were pulled out from underneath the heavy appliance back in April.

Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society

They were too young to be put up for adoption, so the two fur babies were taken in by an Arizona Humane Society foster home where they were fed and cared for around the clock.

The rescuer holds the little kitten in her hands, trying to warm him up from the frigid cold.

Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society

The kittens are now around three months old. They just graduated from their foster care and headed off to their forever homes.

Houdini the cream tabby made his way out of a tight situation, now he's thriving in his new home.

Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society

Grace has grown by leaps and bounds. She can't get enough of attention from her forever family.

Now their lives are only filled with warmth and love.

Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society

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