Stray Cat Mama Found Help to Safe Place Right Before She Gave Birth to Her 6 Babies


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A stray cat with a big belly got herself off the street into a safe place right before she gave birth to her six tiny babies.

Meet Jellybean and her kitties!

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

Jellybean the calico was heavily pregnant outside on a street when she was picked up by rescuers from Multnomah County Animal Services in Oregon. She was taken into the shelter just in time to deliver her babies.

"They picked up Jellybean from the street and that night, at the shelter, she gave birth to six kittens," Sheila, Jellybean's foster mom, told Love Meow.

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Feeding six very hungry kitties!

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

"I picked them up the next day and they stayed in foster care until the kittens were old enough for spay and neuter."

The calico mama devoted herself completely to her kittens. She made sure no baby would miss a meal and kept them clean and well groomed with a lot of baths whether the kittens liked it or not.

Jellybean hugging her baby Taffy. "Taffy was the first kitten to start exploring."

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

Mama Jellybean taught her kittens to take their first steps and eat on their own. She showed them how to be a cat and how to get along with other kitties and humans.

"Jellybean was an amazing mom. She was patient with her babies and very concerned when they cried," Sheila told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

When her babies snuggle up to her for some love, she puts her arms around them and proceeds with a bath.

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

"Eeyore doesn't want a bath but Jellybean doesn't have dirty kittens."

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

Noodle, now Muffin getting a mandatory bath session from mama Jellybean

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

Reese gets her paws washed.

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

Mama giving her three Siamese babies a big hug!

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

"Jellybean returned to the shelter once the kittens were weaned and she was spayed and adopted quickly," Sheila told Love Meow.

She loves her kittens.

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

All the kittens have been adopted into loving homes! :)

Courtesy of Sheila @love2foster

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