Cat Chooses Foster Mom to Be There for Her When She Gives Birth

Cat Chooses Foster Mom to Be There for Her When She Gives Birth


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A pregnant Siamese cat came to her foster mom and told her she was about to have her babies. "Sophia just came and got me and led me back to her birthing suite," Cindy of foster_kittens said.

Sophia chose Cindy, the one that she trusts the most, to be there for that special moment of her life.

Courtesy: foster_kittens

Sophia is one of the four Siamese cats that Purrfect Pals in Arlington, WA, rescued.

"I had just turned my lamp off and was about to fall asleep when she came and meowed her 'I need something' meow. I knew she had food (which she hadn't eaten) but I thought maybe her water dish was low. I got up to check, and as soon as I walked into the bathroom, she plopped down at my feet and started having huge contractions," Cindy said on foster_kittens.

She sat on the floor with Sophie through a few waves of contractions. "Then (I) scooped her up like a baby and put her in her birthing suite. I was so nervous to pick up a laboring cat but Sophia was as sweet as could be about it."

Courtesy: foster_kittens

"As the first kitten was crowning, Sophia became very agitated (as they often do with their first kitten) and frantically tried to jump out of the bathtub several times. After several minutes of her running around and trying to scale the bathtub walls with Kitten # 1 on deck, I sat on the edge of the bathtub and put my feet inside, planning to sit by her and comfort her.

"But as soon as she saw my feet in the tub, she curled up by them and safely delivered her first kitten."

"Each kitten came quickly after that, and she was busy cleaning them and I was busy weighing and counting placentas and cords. I'm so glad she came and got me - I wouldn't have missed it for the world!"

Courtesy: foster_kittens

"Cats are all different. Some want to be alone to deliver and some want a friend nearby," Cindy told Love Meow.

Alice, Cole, Marie, Adeline. Welcome to the world!

Courtesy: foster_kittens

Her four kittens are nursing well and Sophia is resting and purring.

Their first kitty fight over the milk bar.

Spay and neuter! Share this story and help Sophia and her babies find their forever loving homes.

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