Stray Cat Turns Man Into Cat Lover

Stray Cat Turns Man Into Cat Lover


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He was never a cat person until he met Raven the stray who stole his heart right from the start. "Grew up with dogs, love those 'OMG YOU'RE HOME!' excited moments, the loyalty and obedience. It's all glorious," Raven's human wrote.

"I snubbed a bunch of cats in my time because I liked dogs and cats were just independent little balls of 'I do what I want.' ...Until just around Halloween of last year. Little black cat came up on our back porch one night, extremely friendly and cuddly. She didn't leave our back porch for three days. We had an out of season snowstorm (hurricane Sandy), and I just felt so guilty leaving her outside. So now I have cat. And I love the crap out of her." (reddit)

"First day we brought her inside, after a nice bath. Surprisingly she didn't scratch me, she just meowed sadly."

"She won't stop licking my hand."

Raven was very cuddly even from the start.

"She's the first cat I've ever had, and I honestly don't think I could've asked for a better experience."

"Laundry? Oh no, silly human, this is my new bed."

"She's so absolutely loving. It blows my mind."

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