Students Fight to Keep Their Beloved Campus Cat Where He Belongs

Students Fight to Keep Their Beloved Campus Cat Where He Belongs


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A cat strayed into the hearts of many students at University of North Alabama. He came to the dorms one day and has been providing purrs and love to the students there since.

Now the students are campaigning to keep their beloved cat on campus as the school plans to remove him.

Photo: Whitney Hamner

Many students at University of North Alabama (UNA) are fighting to keep their beloved feline friend as their school plans to move him off campus due to a health concern.

The long-haired grey cat came to the Appleby Dorms (sorority dorms) about a year ago, and has made it his home. Students fell in love with their unexpected furry friend and named him Srat cat or Sorority cat.

He's become a fixture at the Appleby Dorms and greets students almost every day except when he gets a bit lazy and opts for more nap time.

Photo: UNA SororityDorm Cat

He is a very friendly cat and loves cuddles.

Students often come out of their dorm rooms to hang out with their little fur buddy. He brings a lot of joy to the residents there and gives a big help whenever students feel a bit stressed over school work or just need a friend to talk to.

Photo: UNA SororityDorm Cat

He offers lots of purrs, cuddles, meows, and love that have turned many frowns upside down. Students that miss their pets at home, feel comforted when they spend time with Srat.

The university, however, has a few concerns.

Photo: UNA SororityDorm Cat

They worry that the cat might have fleas or someone could be allergic according to UNA spokesperson, Bryan Rachal.

"What we're trying to do is find a way to safely move the cat off campus hopefully into a home," Rachal told

In response, the students have started a social media campaign to help keep the kitty on campus.

Photo: UNA SororityDorm Cat

Anna Thompson sent a message to the president of the University on her twitter:

"Dear President Kitts, I would like to let you in on a situation that is near and dear to many students hearts. Over in the appleby dorms we had a precious cat who lies to hang around outside the dorms. We call him dorm kitty or Srat cat (sorority cat). He is a very sweet, gently, loving cat. It has come to our attention that maintenance and Reslife are trying to remove this cat from the dorms.

Photo: UNA SororityDorm Cat

"All that we ask over at the applebys is that dorm kitty be left alone. He is not causing any problems. He brings joy to so many. He even has his own twitter @dorm_kitty. He makes people who are living away from pets feel at home!"

Photo: UNA SororityDorm Cat

"He is well fed somewhere other than at the Applebys so it is apparent that he belongs to someone who lives in the area. Please help us save dorm kitty from being taken away. We know you love the cats that live outside your door. Please help us to continue to love the one that lives outside of ours."

Photo: UNA SororityDorm Cat

Srat the cat loves the students, and they adore him too.

Photo: Samantha Kolesar

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