Survey: Recession is not Affecting Pet Owners' Love for Cats


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A very interesting survey was conducted by a cat litter manufacturing company, Feline Pine on a number of 726 cat owners to study how they care for their cats' health, communicate with their cats and what lifestyle they provide for them. Here were the survey results:

  1. 78 percent continue their normal expenses for their pet despite the recession
  2. 89 percent would choose adoption at an animal shelter for a new cat
  3. 47 percent have a regular annual physical exam for their cats by a vet
  4. 43 percent of cat owners have no objection if their cats want to share a bed with them at night
  5. 71 percent of cat owners also own a dog
  6. 57 percent talk to their cats as if they were speaking with a human
  7. 92 percent of cat owners' cats have been spayed or neutered
  8. 64 percent of cat owners' cats are strictly indoor cats.


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