Teddy The Therapy Cat Offers Affection To Students During Finals Week


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A therapy cat named Teddy is offering affection and bringing smiles to students at Pacific Lutheran University during finals week. "I'm so stressed out right now," said Marta Neumann, 21 year old senior. "This was such a happy thing to come upon." (The News Tribune)

Teddy, one year old Ragdoll certified therapy cat, is a love bug. "He thinks he's a dog," said his human Denise Paquette.

Meet Teddy, a year old Ragdoll therapy cat who is offering affection to students at PLU during finals week.

Teddy loves people. "He thinks he's a dog," said his human.

Teddy is helping the students, making finals much better.

The best stress reliever for finals week!

Teddy is bringing lots of smiles to people on campus

Photos via  Pacific Lutheran University.

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