They Give a Scaredy Cat a Home at the Firehouse, She Returns the Favor

They Give a Scaredy Cat a Home at the Firehouse, She Returns the Favor


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A kitty has gone from a scaredy cat who hid under the racks at a fire station to running the place and giving everyone love and purrs every day.

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

A year ago, a stray cat wandered into the FDNY (Fire Department New York) Station 57 on a cold day and decided to stay.

She was very timid and didn't want anyone to touch her. With a lot of patience, love and endless supply of food and treats, the kitty slowly warmed up to her human friends at the firehouse.

The moment she realized that the humans aren't so bad after all.

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

She finally allowed her human friends to touch her. Suddenly, all the fear melted away and was replaced by loud purrs and bliss.

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

Now she demands pets from everyone at the station. They have become her permanent can openers.

She loves mats, so they got the kitty her very own big bristley mat to roll around on but she prefers the old worn-out one outside the captain's office.

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

"They call her Killer because she took care of our mouse problem when she moved in. We were having a contest to get her a nicer name but then she started bringing home rats," Station57 said.

She doesn't beg for food. Killer just sits patiently and waits for her humans to do the right thing.

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

"This guy doesn't mind sharing so we're good," kitty said on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

This is the first time the station has been rodent free. "It's win-win for all of us."

"You can't sit here but you're allowed to pet me."

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

Killer has multiple purrsonal groomers at the station. She's the happiest kitty in the world when she gets brushed.

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

Killer runs the firehouse like a boss.

Being a station57 cat is hard work!

Photo: Instagram @station57cat

They gave her a place to call home. The kitty returned the favor by giving them joy every day!

"It always feels good when you can make someone's day a little happier," Killercat said on Instagram.

Hear her meow!

When she gets a back rub, the expression on her face is priceless.

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