"This is Nova, the cat sent to change my destiny"

"This is Nova, the cat sent to change my destiny"


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This is Nova who changed the destiny of the person she met. This is her story (via reddit).

"This is Nova, the cat sent to change my destiny."

"I moved into an apartment in the city to go to the nearby college for a degree in a topic I was pretty interested in, but didn't know where I'd go with it. I was flowing with whatever and not 100% happy. Upon move-in, I saw a little kitty hiding in the fence, but she darted away whenever I moved closer."

"I named her Nova, and slowly started to gain her trust by feeding her after class. I never really liked cats, but an apartment with no animals felt so empty. I noticed she was extremely skinny and hungry, and her nails had been recently clipped...someone had abandoned her."

"Over time, I was finally able to get close to her, and pretty soon..."

"...she opened up to me."

"It was a beautiful moment."

"She was in pretty bad shape, and the nights were getting colder. I couldn't stand hearing her yowl at night, being cold and hungry and alone...so despite my parents' wishes, I brought her home for Christmas."

"I still think she had been abused or otherwise neglected. It took weeks for her to trust anyone, even living in the house with them all day...but she trusted me, and wouldn't leave me alone whenever I came home, cuddling and purring and spooning with me under the covers, forehead pressed against my cheek. One day, coming home for the weekend, I got a frantic call from my dad. Nova had been found lying on the basement floor, paralyzed from the hips down." She was diagnosed with Saddle Thrombosis.

"It was heartbreaking. She had become my best friend...but at this time, I was wondering what I REALLY wanted to do with my life. I manned up and took her to the vet, and held her as they put her to sleep, the only option as she had suffered a massive blood clot and was in a lot of pain. She looked up at me with these eyes the moment before she was injected, as if she were looking at me from lightyears away. In that moment, I remembered my lifelong dream. She put her chin down on my arm, as if she knew she had served her purpose."

"I'm on day two of my pre-veterinary program now, and every time I'm walking to class, I think about her and those eyes...and the reason she came into my life for such a short time."

Photos via imgur. Story via reddit.

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