Three Months After Shelter, Love Grows!


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It was the end of August when Willow first met her human.

Photo by Amanda

"I think she wanted someone to take her home and love her," ," Amanda told Love Meow. "She was about four weeks old at the time, tiny, skinny, but freaking adorable. Even though she spent most of her time climbing all over me, I fell in love."

Amanda waited for a few weeks until she could officially adopt Willow. "When I went to pick her up, she was pretty lovey."

More info: imgur | Thanks to Amanda for sharing the story with Love Meow.

"The first few days she was definitely snuggly (there was a lot of laying on my chest/back/lap while I was in the middle of doing something."

Photo by Amanda

"I spent a lot of time hanging out with her when we had the pets separated. If I left the room, she'd start meowing... If she knew we were home she'd meow for attention."

Photo by Amanda

"I think I was trying to read here and she decided I wasn't paying enough attention to her."

Photo by Amanda

"She decided that hanging out here was a good spot."

Photo by Amanda

She found the best sunny spot in the house.

Photo by Amanda

Willow demanding attention and love!

Photo by Amanda

She has made a new friend, Daisy (the dog) :).

Photo by Amanda

"Willow's definitely come out of her shell - if she wants snuggles, she'll let you know, not caring if you're in the middle of something and she totally struts around like she owns the place," Amanda told Love Meow.

Photo by Amanda

Rescue cats make wonderful companions! Share this story and help a kitty in your local shelter find their forever home!

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