Tigger, Love at First Sight

Tigger, Love at First Sight


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When Lizzie met Tigger the first time, it was love at first sight. "I just loved him as soon as I saw him, he was so small and adorable! The lady (who took care of Tigger) was really lovely as well, and didn't really want to part with tigger. I have kept in touch with her though and have been emailing her some pictures."

"Tigger loves to be cuddled when he's sleepy, he will even fall asleep on you if you let him, but when he's playful there's just no stopping him! He goes into hyper mode and will be running all over the house, and this is when he can get a little bit naughty - clawwing the furniture and trying to climb the curtains, our old cat was similar though when she was a kitten, I think it is just a playful, baby cat thing!"

Photos courtesy of ©Lizzie Jobes.

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